2026 – Travelling in Black and White

Color photos have a wide palette of color and shading, while black and white photos look best when there’s a clear ‘black’ and ‘white’ to guide the viewer. Light and shadow become more obvious when color is absent. The darker the shadows are, the brighter your light will look. Like light and shadow, texture and shape tend to become more important. You no longer have color to distract or even lead the viewer’s eye.

While traveling you are bombarded with impressions. Trying to capture them in a photograph is almost impossible. However in Black & White new impressions will appear, more focussed on shape and shadows, light and lumination.

In this project Arjan will present a number of photographs of landscapes, people, wildlife and architecture that made a longlasting impression on him. He converted the images to black and white in an attempt to transfer the feelings he got while taking these pictures to outsiders.

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