The drummers in Trommelaars: some quotes…..

In the past few months several drummers have agreed to participate in my book “Trommelaars”. Next to their pics I will publish their reallife story about how they became a professional drummer. Most of them wrote their own story or told me in an interview. Here are some quotes and pics:

  • Brannen Temple (Eric Burdon Band): “My biggest challenge? Interesting philosophy about that. On one hand everything is a challenge from dealing with people, logistics, family, business, making a living, etc… Then on the other hand music Is no challenge at all. Especially because music is love and I think love exists without effort.”
  • Brian Fahey (Paladins): “It’s like a drive, motivation. I had really no idea that I would be making a living doing it or anything. I just wanted to get better. Drumming, ….It’s endless what you can learn.”
  • Dion Derek Murdock (Mother's Finest)
  • Steve Lewinson (Simply Red): “When I think back, my biggest achievement has been to start out on a journey using all my energy to swim out towards a goal, but without enough energy to swim back if it all went wrong. And what’s amazing,…. I’m still swimming!”
  • Chris Frazier (Foreigner, Eric Sardinas Band)
  • Bryan Keeling (Eric Sardinas Band, Shooter Jennings, Evan Bartels and the Stoney Lonesome’s): “With Shooter Jennings I got to play 183 gigs a year including worldwide travel, late night shows like David Letterman, and Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. But the biggest challenge in this is to propel yourself forward….”
  • Stephen Hodges (Mavis Staples band)
  • Denis Palatin (Blues Caravan): “When I was young I was really nervous. The first thing I was listening to on a record was the bass and the drums. And when I saw a drum kit for the fist time, I just knew I wanted to play drums.”
  • Russel Gilbrook (Uriah Heep)
  • Sandy Gennaro (Bo Diddley, Pat Travers Band): “I have no challenges – just opportunities!”
  • Daniel Maiden-Wood (Anna Calvi Band): “You have to make a lot of sacrifices. Working a bad day job to pay the petrol to get to the rehearsal or gig in time, not getting enough time for friendships and releationships, feeling constantly tired from being on the road…. but it’s all worth it!!!”
  • Brad Morgan (Drive-by-Truckers)
  • Nigel Powell (Frank Turner & his sleeping souls): “But in order to actually earn my entire living from being a musician required a lot of years of stubbornness, and never realising when I obviously should have quit and got a proper job.“
  • 'Popsy' Dixon (Holmes Bros)